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Big Boobs In Hot Tub

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I know the Rochard’s Bunny Ranch blog has been all about teen chicks and perhaps some lesbians and even cow girls, but we can make a exception for a chick with big boobs, right? Oh, I am sure we can. It’s all about the breasts now isn’t it? Some chicks have big boobs, some chicks have small perky boobs. Anything in-between is also acceptable too.

This is Ewa Sonnet. I might love perky nineteen and twenty year old chicks, but I think I also love Ewa Sonnet. The breasts are fun to play with, and in case you are ever on a ship that is sinking a chick like Ewa Sonnet could save your life – mostly because her breasts are so huge they would act as flotation devices. That might be handy.

Besides, big boobs like Ewa Sonnet has are always fun to play with!

Plus, they look super sexy!

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