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Beautiful Breakfast

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I wish Blue Eyed Cass was my girlfriend…… According to my stats some ten thousand of you read my blog on a regular if not daily basis, so most of you must know by now how I like “fun girls” – You know, the type of girls that you take for a walk and half way there she’s half naked or at least topless. Fun girls. You know.

Although I’ve never meet Blue Eyed Cass, I’m under the impression she’s a fun girl. I can see her waking up in the morning, taking a quick shower, making her self look pretty (Have you ever smelled a chick like Blue Eyed Cass when they are fresh out of the shower?), and then heading down to the kitchen wearing nothing but a thong to make you breakfast. Fucking sweet. She puts on a little apron and in a little bit we’ll have a Blue Eyed Cass wearing nothing but a thong serving you breakfast in bed!

blueyed cass naked in kitchen1

Oh, it looks like Blue Eyed Cass is wearing high heels. Looks like she has a lot more in mind than just breakfast!

blueyed cass naked in kitchen2

Blue Eyed Cass is no dummy. She knows that morning wood is the best kind of wood there is, and Blue Eyed Cass is going to take full advantage of it!

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