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The Real Workout

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If your a regular reader of my blog there is two things you must know by now…… First, I am a product of the 1980s. And no, I’m not embarrassed at all. Second, I am connected with the adult industry. But I bet you didn’t know that I’ve always gotten turned on by chicks working out. (And chicks undressing too really now that I think about it.)

So I’m surfing around some of the industry sites and I see an announcement for a new site, and it sort of looks like some retro 80’s work out flick. And I’m thinking this is killing two birds with one stone…. I love the 80s stuff but not the old stuff because let’s face it, it can be oh so tacky. But when it’s new stuff and it’s filmed in the 1980s style it’s pretty damn hot. So two birds with one stone, 80s stuff, and hot chicks working out half naked. Hotness.

Low and behold, who is that to the right in blue? The redhead…..


Well, that’s Faye Regan!!! And she’s smoking hot!

So the name of the website is called “The Real Workout“. I don’t usually put up hardcore websites here, but hot chicks half naked working out is always hot!

Check out this hottie…..

therealworkout shawna lenee 029

This some really hot jerk material right there!

As long as I can get away without posting cock here, I’ll post up some more when I get done in the member’s area!

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