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Chicks With Guns

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Chicks with guns scare me. Seriously.

A friend of mine that shoots for Cutie Pie Teens sent me this picture which sort of turned me on in an odd way!

girls with guns

But this reminded me of a little known fact: Rochard was shot once. Long story, but let’s just say that I was moving in on someone’s girlfriend and he wasn’t having any of that. I so dislike jealous people. Not to give you the impression that I’m all macho and stuff, but I kid you not when I tell you that this chump shot me in the ass (I mean physically in the buttocks!) which really wasn’t too painful at all, and I picked up a piece of wood that we used to prop open the back door of the place I worked at and I preceded to beat the snot out of him. I was in the emergency room for a few hours; He was in the emergency room for a few weeks. I thought it was a fair trade.

That will teach him to fuck with former US Marine.

Oh, check out the new “Rochard’s Bunny Ranch” logo my designer made me. That rocks.

So anyhow, hot picture of a chick with a gun that turns me on in all of the wrong places at once. And check out my friend at Cutie Pie Teens when you have the chance!

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