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Public Nudity Is So Much Fun

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If there is so much public nudity going on the world, why don’t we ever see this? I was on Pornhub the other day doing some (um….) research and I saw these women in Germany or some city in Europe with a ball gag in their mouths being led around on a leash while handcuffed. Where does this shit go down? And why don’t I ever see any topless chicks at the beach?

FTV Girls has always had a thing for public nudity. Public Nudity and for having chicks cram their pussies with odd things.

This is Krystal fromĀ FTV Girls. She’s in a parking lot. Topless. And she doesn’t seem to give a damn. How hot is that?

Not only is she willing to get naked in public but she is super easy on the eyes.

Another reason to loveĀ FTV Girls.

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