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FTV Girls Public Nudity Rocks

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FTV Girls loves their public nudity…. And there is nothing with that.

While I think public nudity is hot, I don’t have the balls to pull it off. Oh, I’ve done it before. Once or twice – both times at this office complex I used to work at in Pleasanton, California. I knew that after hours the entire complex was open, and I was good friends with the security staff. I worked at a restaurant and security got tried of being called to open up doors for us before businesses were open so we could deliver catering, so instead they just gave us a key. Any office space that was not being used because my personal secret fuck spot. More than once we ended up fucking outside in the little park area – the place was always empty on weekends. Once we fucked there on the 4th of July while watching the fireworks. I guess there was more than one set of fireworks going off that night.

This FTV Girl has some perfect tits… Nice and perky!

I’m so glad the FTV Girls get off on the public nudity.  It’s so hot!

I like how this FTV Girls has her panties down around her knees – almost. Far enough. Once the panties get down past their knees it means someone is getting laid, because it’s just way too much work for her to pull them back up. Might as well just go all the way with it!

I would hit this hot FTV Girls!

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