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FTV Girl In Pigtail Works Out

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This photo from FTV Girls has two things going for it… Okay, maybe three. She’s blonde and has a ponytail, and working out. I can watch chicks working out all day. But in this case, this girl – her name is Sydney – she has the most perfectly tight little ass. You can tell she works out all the time. She’s got the work out pants going on, the sports bra… Her hair in a ponytail to keep it out of the way while she’s working out….

I bet you Sydney would be a super tight fuck – and with her tight little lean bottle she could head to head with you in the bedroom punch for punch. I bet you she could ride you and after all was said and done you would be exhausted – sort of like wrestling with a kangaroo….

I don’t like girls that can kick my ass, but I like a girl that I can go head to head with and feel like she is doing so much more than just laying there…. Oh yeah, Sydney would be a wild fuck all right!

If you get her in bed with another chick that would be a wild wild ride all right!

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