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FTV Girl Has Tight Ass

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This FTV Girl is named Sabrina… She has nice tight little ass – and red hair. This is a dangerous combination.

Women should only be allowed to have one good trait about them…They should be allowed to have a good rack, OR a good ass…. And that’s it. Having redheads running around with perfectly tight little asses and long legs is a bit much for the heart. Us grown men can’t handle it. Oh, so, you’ll talk the talk, but when it comes down to it at a bar you just wouldn’t have the balls to even walk up to them and just say hello. Cowards. I bet if you saw this chick in a bar you wouldn’t have the courage to talk to her either. In fact, most of the models I hang out with tell me the same thing – they don’t have boyfriends because men are too afraid to chat them up. Chickens.

Sabrina here from FTV Girls is a great example of how great little dresses can be. All she needs to do is hike up that dress and suddenly you can see the entire world – everything you want to see. Knowing she’s one of the FTV Girls also means she’s perfectly willing to pull up her skirt outside where everyone can see. I’m guessing that is a college campus. You now how FTV Girls likes the local college girls….

I love seeing a hot chick with a tight ass in a thong bending over…

The only thing missing from this photo is a pair of high heels. She has the ass and has the legs, she might has well be wearing some high heels! Right?

I swear I would bend her over and fuck her brains out right there and then – I don’t even care who gets to see. They can watch if they want!

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