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Hot FTV Girl Running

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All kidding aside, who doesn’t like a chick who is physically fit? Right?

Let’s face it, at this point there are two kinds of chicks in this world. Hot ones and fat ones. And sometimes the hot ones become fat ones. Yes, I know, that is not socially correct but fat is fat and this a porn blog so get over yourself. If you are fapping off to chicks on my blog here, I am guessing you are not entirely politically correct. Nor am I. Back to my point…. If you don’t want your hot chick to become a fat chick later on in life, well, you need to make sure they get their proper exercise.

Running is good. Oh, and watching them run is fun too. Not sure about you but it gets my heart pumping a bit when I see a hot chick running down the street. Maybe watching them run is good exercise or me. Also, the best thing about chicks running is the little tight outfits they wear. The wear sports bras in public!

This chick is Addison from FTV Girls…. And my lord she surely does look beautiful when she is running. Of course, the fact that this FTV Girl has her titties out is super hot!


Don’t you wish all chicks looked like this? And still looked this hot when they ran? That’s marriage material right now. She looks hot and will keep looking hot, and you get to watch the entire time!

After all of this time FTV Girls is still one of my favorites!

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