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Faye’s Pantyhose

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Oh yes, my all time favorite red head – Faye Regan. My god – with her red hair and her cute little freckles, I can just drop a load just thinking about her!

This sexy picture of Faye Regan on the Spunky Angels really does it for me… Pantyhose is always a turn on!

faye regan spunky angels0

Someone asked me the other day why I liked red heads so much…. Well, truth be told, my very first lover was a red head….. Imagine that. Now, with that said – I know my mother reads my blog. I bet you she’s scratching her head right about now. Whatever.

Trust me on this one, red heads rock…. They say that blondes have more fun, but I think red heads are better in bed. Even more so if they are Italian!

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