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British Babe

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Looks like Penthouse took Faye Reagan to the UK and showed her off… I swear, I can see Faye Reagan as a British chick – she pulls it off perfectly.

I can also see Faye Reagan as being just a tad bit snobby too! Snobby, but smoking fucking hot!

faye reagan sexy british girl1

Oh yeah, Faye Reagan pulls off this look perfectly with her short little plaid skirt and sexy little high heels leaning on the Mini Cooper. I know, I know your what you thinking… You just want to lift up that skirt and play with her fucking panties. You and me both!

Then Faye Reagan pulls down her top and shows us her sexy boobies… It know, it’s nearly too much to handle!

faye reagan sexy british girl2 faye reagan sexy british girl3 faye reagan sexy british girl4 faye reagan sexy british girl5

Then once she’s nearly naked and wearing only a thong, she bends over the car… Looks to me like Faye Reagan wants to have sex doggie style!

faye reagan sexy british girl6

That’s our type of girl!

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