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Sexy Ewa Sonnet’s Huge Breasts

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Every time I see a picture of Ewa Sonnet I get excited. I am the type of guy who always gets excited every time I see a chick with huge boobs.

Is it me or does it seem like women just have bigger and bigger boobs all the time? It’s almost like chicks with huge breasts are becoming more common. I think this is very true, and I think I know why… It’s the bras that women are wearing. Bras twenty years ago used to be just that, bras, just something chicks wore to hold up their boobies. Not any more. These days bras are so much more. They separate the breasts and lift them up, and push them up higher – making them look bigger. Then of course there is the padding – it seems to me like more and more bras are coming with padding built in. That’s misleading. That’s like a man having a pair of underwear with padding built in, to make his cock look bigger. (Although I must confess I do have underwear with pockets in the front that seems to be so can stuff them with a sock to make it look like you have a huge cock!)

Then again, Ewa Sonnet could never get away with trying to make her boobs look bigger than they really are. Eventually we get to see the women naked, and without their magical bra on we get to see the truth. We’ve all seen Ewa Sonnet naked before, we know her rack is really huge!

Ewa Sonnet looks mighty damn sexy in this tank top with her huge boobs!

This is why I like Ewa Sonnet… She always seems to wear clothes that show off her huge natural rack just perfectly!

With tits like she has she will never ever have to worry about working – some man will always be willing to pay her way. I know I should would!

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