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Sexy 4th Of July Bikini Pix

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I’ve never met Ewa Sonnet but I feel like I know her – she posts on Facebook and sends out email to her newsletters every day. It’s kind of nice really.

You know how I feel about bikinis; Bikinis are the least amount of clothing you can wear in public and get away with it. Of course the bigger the boobs the hotter everything is going to be. Ewa Sonnet might be Polish (so am I), but she has HUGE breasts AND loves wearing bikinis AND has a Stars & Stripes bikini. Win win win. My lord this woman wears a bikini well. The Stars & Stripes bikini just makes it perfect for the 4th of July doesn’t it?

Yeah, I would so let her motorboat me. With pleasure.

I wish all women could wear a bikini like Ewa Sonnet can. Yum. I also believe that all women should be required, by law, to have a bikini like this. Then again, I also believe that all women should have big boobs too. That might be a bit difficult because you can’t exactly grow boobs (although you can knock women up, but we don’t want to go around knocking up women!)

I guess for now we will just need to admire Ewa Sonnet!

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