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Falling In Love With Ewa Sonnet

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I think it’s entirely possible that I have fallen in love with Ewa Sonnet.

Here is a little known fact about me – I am Polish. Polish and Irish. I don’t usually tell people that. But in this case Ewa Sonnet is Polish herself, very much so, and this makes me proud to be Polish. yes, I would hit that. Over and over and over again.

Ewa Sonnet has it all. The hair, the eyes, the tremble in the hips… And something else… What was it again? Oh yeah,  HUGE KNOCKERS. If ever a chick was made for motor boating Ewa Sonnet is the one!

Ewa Sonnet posted this picture to her Facebook page the other day. When I saw them I was like “yum”. I saved them to my computer, knowing that I would use them in the very near future. I love the tan Ewa Sonnet has and how this bikini top makes her boobs pop!

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