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Ewa Sonnet In White Tank Top

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No matter how long I’ve been working in porn it seems like I learn something new every day. This one really surprised me because I never noticed it.

Photographers spend a lot of time picking out what they want their models to wear in photo shoots. This used to be such a chore. If you raid your girlfriend’s closet for a photoshoot, you’ll come up with a few sexy and slutty things for her to wear. However, if you do ten photoshoots a day you quickly run out of clothes. You can’t buy high end women’s clothes; It’s too fucking expensive. You can’t even go to the mall. This is when you start going to those super cheap discount stores and you buy anything that is remotely slutty. At one point we had a full time employee and all she would do would be clothes shopping every day, eight hours a day, five days a week.

Some clothes tend to work out better than others. You always need a steady supply of skirts and dresses, lots of lingerie. But one color tends to stand out more than others. The other day my girlfriend and I were out and I noticed her breasts were really sticking out there – nice and perky. I mean, she has a great rack any day of the week but this one day it seemed better than others. She looked at me and winked and said it was a “trick of the trade”. Turns out she was wearing a white tank top. I never noticed it, but white tank tops make a woman’s boobs stand out more.

Also, high heels have a similar effect. It makes a woman stand up straight and arch her back slightly, which in turn makes her breasts stick out more than usual.

It seems Ewa Sonnet has also learned this trick.

Now Ewa Sonnet has a huge rack. I like big boobs, but I like medium sized boobs. She doesn’t need to do much to make her boobs stick out.

But you can sleep good knowing that Ewa Sonnet is always wearing a pus up bra when she goes out in public! or at least she is now!

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