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Ewa Sonnet Has Giant Boobs

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After two posts about women with tight asses, let’s get back to the boobs…. Back to the good stuff.

Ewa Sonnet has giant boobs. In fact, while I like giant boobs as much as the next guy, at a certain point giant boobs are too big and when they pull them out, well, they are comical. Sometimes I like it when chicks keep their boobs in their shirt. I feel like this with Ewa Sonnet. I’ve been in her member’s area, I’ve seen her topless before and…. I have no idea how this woman stands up without falling over.

But I would imagine Ewa Sonnet would be magical to titty fuck.

Ewa Sonnet looks great with her shirt on…

Ewa Sonnet is the type of chick you see at the mall walking around and you are just amazed at how she looks when she walks around….

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