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Ewa Sonnet Bigger Boobs

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Is it me or does Ewa Sonnet’s boobs keep getting bigger and bigger.

Damn, Ewa Sonnet has some huge boobs.

I can only imagine what it would be like to date a chick like Ewa Sonnet. You can see her coming from a mile away and at the same time when she’s wearing high heels she must look like she is about to fall over constantly. Men would just move out of her way and just watch her go by.

Of course, there must be certain challenges women like Ewa Sonnet face when having such huge boobs. Swimming, for example, must be difficult. And running. Riding on top of cock must be interesting too. I mean, having a chick sit on top of you and ride your cock is always fun, and even more so when her tits are huge like Ewa Sonnet. It must be mesmerizing just to watch thsoe big tits bounce up and down when you are fucking her (or she is fucking you). Then again, nearly everything a chick like Ewa Sonnet does with big boobs must be highly entertaining!

This is why we love chicks with big boobs…. They make life every day oh so much more fun!

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