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Breasts Maketh Swimsuit

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I’ve been a fan of the bikini since my very first web page. It was called “Zacharys’ Daily Dose” and was updated, by hand, each and every day – like a religion. This was back in the day when web pages were few and a far in-between, web pages were difficult to make, and we didn’t have “blogs” that made things easy. You needed to do things by hand using HTML back then. Sigh. Those were the good old days.

I have also secretly known for a long, long time that breasts make the bikini. A flat chested chick in a bikini is interesting, but only moderately so, and won’t be entertaining for long. But a chick like Ewa Sonnet with her giant knockers, well, she sure does make any swimsuit or bikini super interesting.

This picture of Ewa Sonnet sure is interesting.

Who wouldn’t want to spend the day with Ewa Sonnet at the beach?

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