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Vegas Bound

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Earlier tonight I watched a movie called “The Girl Next Door”. It was about a (young) porn star who moves in next door to a high school senior, and how his life suddenly got turned around when he quickly got introduced to the porn world. It was very similar to “Risky Business”, but instead of hookers it had porn stars. In the movie they attend a “porn convention”; In this case it was AVN (Adult Video News). I can only imagine that it looks like to someone outside of the industry.

This movie reminded me of my past, and how I as a high school (computer) geek ended up loosing his virginity to the captain of the freshman high school cheerleading team (which explains my fondness for cheerleaders). She wanted to change me and she did; I went from being a geek to dating the cheerleading captain in one summer. Talk about making new friends.

Anyhows…. So this movie had a glimpse of a porn convention, which is ironic as I myself head to Vegas for the rest of the week for a similar porn convention. For some reason I’m well known in the adult Internet community, and it’s common for me to be walking through the hotel in Vegas and having calling out “Rochard, Hey Rochard”. Sort of makes me feel like a rock star. Not really, but almost.

At least Diddy knows who I am, and every time she sees me she gives me a warm welcome. Here we are together in Phoenix earlier this year (before I shaved my head bald).

rochard diddy phoenix

So in the morning I’m off to Vegas for a week of fun and games and god only knows what. As expected I’ll be returning with lots of pix….. But be prepared because these days I’m looking like Kojack.

Oh, and if you thinking of robbing my house when I’m gone… I bought one of those alarm systems, have a huge guard dog, and I’m leaving behind my girlfriend who is handy with a baseball bat and has a bad case of herpes. So think twice about that one.

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