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Drunk Diddy

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This is special. This is what sets my blog apart from all of the rest of the Diddylicious fan blogs!

I’ve met Diddylicious, and we traded emails. We don’t talk often, but ever now and then I’ll email her to say hello (and to try to talk her into having sex with me!). And every now and then she’ll send me special candid photos you can’t find from her website.


Diddylicious didn’t give me too many details about this photo, but I’m guessing it was taken during spring break. She looks fucked up. I’m not sure how old Diddylicious is, but I don’t think she’s old enough to drink – which is why most teen chicks go down to Mexico to get fucked up on booze.

Imagine taking a trip like this with Diddylicious – getting her drunk…. And then taking full advantage of her!

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