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Diddy’s Green Bikini

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I’m not sure about the big fucking glasses chicks are wearing today, but is it me, or have her tits grown? I am, of course, talking about Diddy.

Last time I saw Diddy, well, I don’t remember her having any breasts at all. It’s almost like she added water, and bam, she grew herself a pair of beautiful little breasts.

sexy diddylicous green bikini lollipop1

I’m not saying Diddy went out and got herself a boob job, but I HATE it when beautiful women and suddenly they look so damn inflated that they might just tilt over. Why can’t they just get natural breasts, instead of all of this fake shit?

I must confess, Diddy is looking stunning here!

sexy diddylicous green bikini lollipop4

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