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The Best Photo Ever

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This picture of Destiny Moody down on he knees looking up at us with her mouth wide open and tongue sticking out is the hottest thing you will see all day. It’s like she wants you to put your cock in her mouth and swallow it down. Super hot.

Then again when was the last time Destiny Moody wasn’t smoking hot?

This photo of Destiny Moody is priceless. Destiny Moody is just beautiful on any given day, but seeing Destiny Moody on he knees in short shorts and showing off this cleavage is already too hot even if she wasn’t looking back up at us with her mouth open and her tongue hanging out.

You might not know this but chicks like Destiny Moody are just as super horny as we are. I’ve known a lot of models in my time and they all have the same problem – they can’t find a boyfriend to save their life. Men are just too afraid to even approach them. You fucking pussies. If you see a chick like Destiny Moody just assume she is horny, single, and wants to suck on your cock.

Imagine having Destiny Moody down on her hands and knees.

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