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Sexy Not Moody

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When you wake up in the morning, you need to grasp life by the balls and run with it. I do this every day. I wake up every morning to my cell phone playing “It’s a beautiful day” by U2, and I cross my ankles and physically spring myself out of bed.

The reason I am like this is because I know there are chicks out there like Destiny Moody – perfectly tanned tight bodies that are playful in the sack and love doing all of the things you like doing in the dark.

Look at Destiny Moody here; She’s beautiful….

destiny moody playful babe1

I love how she has her legs spread wide and a finger in her mouth like that…. It’s like she’s dressed for sex but is shy and doesn’t know how to start things off.

But quick enough Destiny Moody pulls her out little titties…. Fucking priceless.

destiny moody playful babe2

And you already knew the eventually those panties Destiny Moody had on are going to come off too!

destiny moody playful babe3

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