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More Smoking Hot Destiny Moody

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After all of this time I consider myself an expert on solo girls. There aren’t too many of them left, and the ones that are left are pretty much doing hardcore stuff. Look at Bryci – she’s sucking cock and riding on top of cock all day long (and it’s super hot). I surely don’t pass judgement on any of them. At the end of the day… Twenty dollars is twenty dollars. Right?

Then there is Destiny Moody. It just does not get much hotter than Destiny Moody.

I can’t imagine how they came up with her name; I’ve never seen Destiny Moody without a smile on her face. Some girls get off on doing naughty stuff and I think Destiny Moody is one of those chicks. I think she likes getting naked. If I was a chick with a body like that I would want to get naked too. (Thankfully I am not a chick.)

Everything about Destiny Moody is just perfect!

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