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Destiny Moody The Perfect Combination

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After all of these years I still enjoy updating this blog. Sigh. I love solo girls.

Destiny  Moody has been my favorite solo girl for some time now. She is just the perfect combination. In the past I’ve also had a huge thing for Alison Angel, but I think Destiny  Moody has edged her out. Besides, we haven’t heard from Alison Angel in some time now.

Destiny  Moody is just the perfect combination. She’s beautiful, has great tits, great ass, great waist – just all around the most perfect solo girl ever.


She also always seems to be smiling too. Not sure why they call “Moody”. LOL. Pornographers do have a sense of humor.

Could you just imagine getting Destiny  Moody and Alison Angel together and having a threesome? That would be too much hotness…. Keep in mind the only time a real man cries is when they are hit by a bus, at the Grand Canyon, or after their first threesome.

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