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Destiny Moody Sexy Red Dress

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Destiny Moody is just too hot for words. No matter which angle you look at her, she’s too hot for words.

If a chick is pretty at all, it’s easy to make them beautiful or even stunning. Start with a decent body and a good looking face, do their hair up, the right make up, and just the right clothes and suddenly a chick goes from fun to smoking hot. There is a downside to this, however. When they wake up in the morning and they don’t have any make up on and their hair is all fucked up and their clothes are in a pile on the floor…. Then they all just look the same, plain and boring. This is why when you get a chick like Destiny Moody and she looks beautiful even without make up.

This is what makes Destiny Moody so freaking hot….

The red dress and the high heels, well, that’s all for show…. However, it looks like Destiny Moody was super quick to take off her panties. Then again, most chicks are. While they like us to believe they aren’t nearly as interested in sex as we would like to think the reality of it is they sure are… They want it just as bad as we do. Chicks like Destiny Moody are the worst – they are so hot no matter what that guys are afraid to even so much as talk to them so they don’t get laid nearly as much as think they do. Trust me when I tell you that she wants it just as much as you do!

This is why you see ugly guys with smoking hot chicks. It’s not because hot chicks like ugly guys, it’s because most men don’t have the balls to talk to a hot chick – so it’s first come first serve.

Lucky for me I’ve been working with chicks like Destiny Moody for some time so I am never afraid of them!

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