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Destiny Moody Pulls Up Skirt

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Oh my Destiny Moody!

I still maintain Destiny Moody is one of the hottest chicks working in the solo market today. She’s the very top of the heap. Even hotter than Bryci. And all of the others. But that’s not why I am posting about her today.

I love chicks in skirts. Who doesn’t? Chicks in skirts are always hot. On one hand it’s sexy because you are imagining you might get to see something that you don’t normally get to see. But you already know you won’t get to see anything special unless it’s your girlfriend and she’s intentionally flashing you. But what really makes a short skirt hot is how quick a woman can lift up her skirt and show off what’s under it – if she really wants to. When a chick like Destiny Moody wants sex and she’s wearing a skirt all she needs to do is hike up her skirt and presto, suddenly she is wearing nothing but a pair of panties…. All you need to do at this point is peel those freaking panties off of her tight little body and you can bend her over right there and then and have your way with her!

Who wouldn’t want to bang Destiny Moody every waking moment of every waking day?

Destiny Moody is smoking hot no matter which angle you are looking at!

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