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Destiny Moody Playing Pool

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What can be hotter than Destiny Moody playing pool?

We’ve always loved to watch women play pool. You know the drill, any excuse we can make to get girls to bend over for us is a great idea. LOL – it doesn’t even matter what end you are at. If you are behind a chick playing pool you get to see her bending over and showing off her ass. You know secretly they love showing off their ass for us. And if you are in front of her while she bends over to play pool, usually you get to see a fair amount of cleavage. If you think about it, a hot chick playing pool is sort of like a peep show.

Destiny Moody isn’t your girl next door, that’s for sure. And when Destiny Moody is playing pool she isn’t wearing a pair of jeans. That would be way too much clothing. Destiny Moody could get away with it – she is one of those chicks who looks hot no matter what she is wearing. But this time around when she is playing pool she is wearing a little skirt and a bikini.

It just doesn’t get much hotter than this!

The legs, the high heels, the ass…. All of this is a dangerous combination. Chicks like Destiny Moody are much smarter than we think… You know she planed out this outfit just to tease us. And it worked like a damn charm.

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