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Destiny Moody Is Smoking Hot In A Bikini

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God bless the man who invented the bikini. I am such a huge fan of the guy – Louis Réard – that years ago (long before Wikipedia!) I had a page here on this blog dedicated to the bikini. In fact, my very first web page was a daily bikini. He is still my hero.

I love chicks in bikinis. It’s sort of lingerie women can wear in public. Take a women in a bikini and put her in some high heels, and well, we all know exactly what that means. Women in bikinis who wear high heels want one thing and one thing only. You know.

Very few women can wear a bikini like Destiny Moody can. She’s a one of a kind, from her toes to the top of her head.

The bikini Destiny Moody is wearing here isn’t much of a bikini now is it? It’s surely not leaving much to the imagination now is it? This is the kind of bikini that women should wear more often. It would make going to the pool so much more exciting!

Then again, most chicks don’t have a bikini body like Destiny Moody has, which is a damn shame. I wish more women looked more like Destiny Moody!

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