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Destiny Moody Is Oh So Smoking Hot

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Every so often there is a solo girl that changes everything, and breaks my heart in the process. In the past twenty years this has only happened once or twice… The last time this happened it was Destiny Moody. I know I talk up all of the chicks here on the Bunny Ranch blog, but that’s part of my job… But when I am talking about Destiny Moody I really really mean it. Take a look at her – she’s just beautiful. She has long legs, and perky boobs…. And while her last name might be “Moody” I swear I’ve never seen anything other than a smile on her face.

Perfect body. Perfect face. Perfect tits. Perfect teen. Who could ever ask for anything more?

I have no idea what Destiny Moody is doing here. She’s wearing a pair of tight yoga pants and not much else… I don’t see any panty lines. Of course, Destiny Moody isn’t wearing a top. She has perfect boobs and clearly she doesn’t need a bra to keep those boobs up. They are perky enough on her own. Then again, that’s one of the perks of being nineteen or twenty or whatever she is – the boobs are all perky.

So damn hot.

Destiny Moody is one of those chicks that is in fact a once in a lifetime… Once you have a chick like her you will never ever have another one like her!

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