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Destiny Moody Has Sexy Cleavage

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Women are just like cars. Clearly, some are betters than others. I used to be into sports cars, but as I get older I need a little bit more. The tight little cars with the super handling are fun when you are younger, but now that I am older I need a little bit more – I’m not a mini van type of guy, but I do have an SUV these days. I had a Jaguar for a while; Very nice. Sexy and handled nice.

If we were to compare Destiny Moody to a car she would have to be a Rolls Royce. She is all class and oh so easy on the eyes. At the very same time I bet Destiny Moody handles just as good as any real fine Italian sports car. She must be a lot of fun.

I’ve never met Destiny Moody, but I know some of these girls. I can just imagine what they are like in bed. I wonder what Destiny Moody  is really like when the clothes start coming off… Do you think Destiny Moody is the kind of chick that likes to play it coy and waits for you to make the first move, or is the kind of chick that wants to get fucked so bad she is willing to get down on her knees to suck you off and then begs you to fuck her silly? I just don’t know with Destiny Moody. I am sure she can have any man she wants, but chicks like to be fucked too.

Sometimes the hotter they are the less often they get fucked. I was friends with this one model and she told me she had a problem getting dates. She was so hot that men wouldn’t even go up to her…. I guess it’s like a Rolls Royce – People are afraid to drive it too hard.

But I think with Destiny Moody it would be well worth it.

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