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Destiny Moody And Aspen Parker

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By this point it should be pretty obvious that I have a huge thing for Destiny Moody. I really do believe she is perfect in every way.  There are a few ways for Destiny Moody to really rock my world. Bikinis work for me; I love chicks in bikinis. I am not sure where she lives but we’ve seen her in a bikini more than once. Always hot. But I also like lesbians too. Lesbians are sexy. All girls like girls; All chicks are lesbians. They say that one third of everyone is “bi curious” and what they really mean is “more than half of the female population likes to munch on carpet”. All chicks are lesbians.

Turns out our very own Destiny Moody has a lesbian streak in her too… I am not surprised really. Like I said, all chicks are lesbians. But pairing up Destiny Moody with Aspen Parker might be too hot for us to handle!

I would love to see these two chicks munch on some carpet!

One thing that would really turn me on would be watching Destiny Moody and Aspen Parker making out would surely be a huge fucking turn on… I wonder if there is any video footage of this in her site!

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