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Aspen Parker Hot Lesbian Sex

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There are some facts in life that are undeniable. Men like fast cars and big tits. Women, on the other hand, like women. This is just common sense. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror? Would you want to fuck you, or would you rather fuck someone like Aspen Parker or perhaps Destiny Moody here? Exactly. She is hot, you are not.

But it’s true – women like other women. This is why if your girlfriend asks you to have a threesome with another guy the answer is always HELL NO but if you want to have a threesome with your girlfriend and her best friend the answer is always a quick “maybe yes”. Because girls like girls. A LOT. All girls are lesbians, most just haven’t figured it out yet. Ever see a good looking man at the mall and say to yourself “Hmmm, I’d hit that”. No, of course not. But you can bet your next (super small) paycheck that if a hot chick walks into the room your girlfriend gets wet and she looks at her and says “Oh hell yeah I would hit that”. That’s because you are not gay, but your girlfriend is.

Destiny Moody is showing us first hand how much chicks like to be lesbians.

Check these two out… They are wearing sexy little tank tops with no bras (nice perky firm boobs!) and they are kissing each other… With their tongues out. That’s hot.

Slowly they start taking each other’s clothes off…. Two hot lesbian chicks making out licking each other’s tongues and rubbing their perky teen boobs together…. That’s hot!

Then again, pretty much anything Destiny Moody ever does is freaking hot!


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