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Dawson Miller Boxing

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Many many years ago I was a United States Marine stationed at Camp Gieger in North Carolina. What a wonderful glorious time it was.

I happened to be surfing the member’s area of Dawson Miller earlier today (strictly work related of course!) and I came across these pictures of her boxing in tight black shorts and it reminded me of those day when I was a Marine.


dawson miller big boobs big hair naked boxing1

What the fuck does pix of Dawson Miller boxing have to do with being a US Marine you ask? Allow me to explain.

When I was stationed at Camp Gieger I one of my duties included a stint with an outfit called “Special Services”. Sounds really exotic like I spent most of my time in foreign counties to kill people with silenced weapons in the middle of the night. Not so much. Special Services was the catch all for anything recreation related – including tending bar at the Enlisted Club and cutting grass. One of the jobs I did for a long time was running a very small gym that most of the Marines on base never knew existed. It had an indoor basketball court, some weight lifting equipment – and a boxing ring. A real live boxing ring.

I had a girlfriend at the time but I secretly lusted after her best friend Dea. It got the point where I was living at this gym upstairs, and she would spend time with me after hours at the gym. It was so cute – We started out by boxing in the ring which quickly lead to us wrestling in the ring which lead to us fucking in the boxing ring. In fact, I wrote about Dea in a post a long time ago here called “Reflections“.

So when I saw these pix of Dawson Miller today, well, it brought back some fond memories.

dawson miller big boobs big hair naked boxing2
dawson miller big boobs big hair naked boxing3
dawson miller big boobs big hair naked boxing4
dawson miller big boobs big hair naked boxing5

Dawson Miller rocks. Great body, great rack, beautiful smile – and a personality that men would walk through a desert for.

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