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Sexy Doing Laundry

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When you and I do laundry, we shove the clothes in the washer and we go watch TV or download some porn online. Not chicks. Did you ever notice that girls put a lot of effort into their laundry, as if it was some important event like washing their hair or something? It’s like when women take a bath. It’s not a bath; It’s an event. With baths, it’s the fact that they are naked behind a closed door and they can masturbate all they want using the hot stream of water hitting their clit. Doing laundry is no different!

This is Craving Carmen on top of her washer….

craving carmen washer

Why is Craving Carmen sitting on top of her washer? Simple. She’s getting off.

Seems the motion of the washer combined with the vibration is like sitting on a very large vibrator for them! Now you know!

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