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This must be the two hottest photos of my main obsession – Craving Carmen…..

This first picture of Craving Carmen has her laying on the couch with her long blonde hair falling down to the floor… Oh, how I love the long dirty blonde hair Craving Carmen has! It’s fun to play with, pull on; It’s fun to get lost in her hair…. I’m sure I could do this for hours! I love her gray bra; That’s got to be the sexiest bra I’ve ever seen Craving Carmen wear – and trust me, I’ve seen every photo Craving Carmen has even taken…..

We can even see a hint of her panties there too….

craving carmen total teen hottie1

This second shot…. reminds me of something that would have have been shot in the 1980s – but hotter. Craving Carmen is laying down again on this white couch, still wearing that sexy bra and black stockings. Slowly Craving Carmen is peeling off her little black panties…..

craving carmen total teen hottie2

Sort of makes you all hot and bothered, doesn’t it? Yeah, me too. I want to fuck Craving Carmen so bad!!!

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