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Super Sexy Crazy Hot Chrissy Marie

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All of these chicks have fake names. Usually someone at the company that runs the site names them or the photographer. I am not sure who named this chick Chrissy Marie but… Yikes. A little bit silly but…. Spell check doesn’t like the spelling of her name. Sounds minor, but when you have to type her name over and over again it becomes an issue. I’m like “crap, did I spell her name wrong?”.

Then again, at least her name isn’t something silly like “Chester” or “Almon”. I have no issues yelling out “Chrissy Marie” as I’m fucking it super hard up against the bedroom door…. Or on the kitchen floor.


One of the hottest qualities of Chrissy Marie is the sexy but soft dirty look she seems to be able to give off so easy! It’s like she’s trying hard to be a nice girl but Chrissy Marie really wants to be dirty. In fact, I secretly think all chicks really want to be dirty deep down inside. Being fun and nice is just not fun, but being bad is a lot of fun.

Who wouldn’t want spend a night or a weekend with Chrissy Marie? She has all of the curves in all of the right places.

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