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Super Sexy Chrissy Marie In High Heels

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When you put a woman in high heels it just changes everything.

This is Chrissy Marie and she’s buck ass naked laying on a bed. The only thing she is wearing is a pair of high heels. This is super sexy on so many levels…. When a chick dresses up in high heels for you it means they want to fuck. They aren’t going to take off all of their clothes and put on some slutty high heels because they like cooking naked. They put the high heels on because (a) they look sexy in high heels (it arches their back which pushes their tits out) and (b) they want to fuck.

We can’t see the effect the high heels are having on Chrissy Marie here, but it’s still sexy.

It just sort of looks like Chrissy Marie is laying on her bed, bored, waiting for you… Or something to happen. She’s not waiting for the sun to go down that’s for sure. She’s waiting to get fucked. I bet you she likes to be fucked hard too!

Who wouldn’t want to take care of her quickly? I would pin her to the bed so fast she didn’t know what happened.

The only thing sexier than a chick like Chrissy Marie wearing high heels is a chick like her wearing thigh high boots…

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