10 months ago

Catie Minx Has Small Boobs

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Not every chick has huge boobs…. Sometimes you just have to run with whatever boobs they have. Let’s face it here – beggers cannot be choosy. Not that I would ever turn Catie Minx away because she has small boobs! I would lick those boobs until my tongue was sore….

I would hit that. Small boobs and all. And I would surely never complain! Small boobs can be just as much fun.

I think Catie Minx is wearing a bikini. She just opened up the top and exposed her tiny perky boobs out for us!

Catie Minx must live in Phoenix, or Florida. Every time I see her she is outside and naked, or at least in a bikini. Catie Minx must live in a bikini. I guess that is a good way to live!

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