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Topless Yoga

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As if yoga pants weren’t hot enough already, right?

Nearly all men like their women nice and tight. Very few men like big chicks, and there is a reason for that. I guess there are always odd ducks, people who like strange things. Some men like being dominated by women and kicked in the balls. Whatever. I don’t judge. None of my business – so long as no one is kicking me in the balls.

Back on subject now… Men like their women fit and trim, and that’s why they spend so much time working out. One of my first porno movies in my collection was nothing more than six or seven women just working out. Oh, and playing basketball. Ever since that day I’ve sort of gotten off watching women working out, playing sports, running, that sort of thing. This might be why I like FTV girls so much – they constantly have this kind of content. Yum.

Today we have sexy hot Cassidy Cole wearing only yoga pants and nothing else doing… yoga. Topless. With her small perky boobs just resting there. Hot. Very hot.

Yoga for chicks like Cassidy Cole is very hot. Not only does it help them keep in shape and keep their minds both sharp and relaxed, but it also makes them rather limber. In fact, it makes them very limber.

Check out what Cassidy Cole can do.  Trust me this little trick that Cassidy Cole can do topless would come in very handy in the bedroom!

Limber chicks are oh so much more fun in the bedroom!

Don’t you wish your girlfriend can do this? I know, right?

We need to make it so that all women work out and do yoga topless. And jogging too. Yum. Women jogging topless are always ALWAYS super hot and sex!

I swear with a body like Cassidy Cole has I would split her in half if I was to fuck her.

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