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Cassidy Cole’s Tight Little Ass

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I would like to think all men are breast lovers. Breasts are the first thing you see in a woman. You only see her ass when she is walking away from you, and by then it’s just too late. Not too many women take the time to show off their ass. When was the last night you saw a hot chick in a tight pair of jeans? Then compare to the last time you saw a woman in a tight shirt showing off her cleavage? I rest my case.

But today Cassidy Cole is showing off her ass. She is wearing a tight little pair of shorts, and she’s on her knees bent over. You can only imagine if she is wearing panties, perhaps a thong, or maybe even nothing at all. That’s part of the fun of this – when Cassidy Cole is wearing shorts we cannot really see what is going on or what Cassidy Cole is wearing.

Then when Cassidy Cole takes off her shorts and shows us her bare ass…. That’s just fucking priceless.

Now at least we do not need to imagine what Cassidy Cole is wearing. Now we know. And this time Cassidy Cole is wearing nothing at all.

You can also tell Cassidy Cole is the kind of chick that likes to be fucked from behind too. Most teen chicks are.

Yeah, I’d hit it.

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