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Cassidy Cole Naked

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I’ve had a thing for Cassidy Cole since day one. She’s like the girl next door, but in a realistic way. I mean, I’m sure she lives next door to someone, but she looks like the kind of girl that can live next to you and you would still have a chance banging her.

But the one really odd thing I’ve noticed about Cassidy Cole is that while she might show off naked body parts – such as her breasts or her ass or her pussy – but never a the same time with her face. All of the shots with her face had Cassidy Cole fully clothed or at least pretty much so. I am guessing this is because in most cases you have to talk a chick into getting naked on camera, and sometimes you need to ease them into it. It also helps with the marketing a little – you need to tease the guys. You can’t have a chick like Cassidy Cole getting naked on the first day, sucking cock, and taking it doggie style. You have no where to go from there. So not only do you ease the chick into it, but you also slowly work up your customers until they are in a heat. Then again, with some chicks – like Brooke Marks – you never do get to see her naked. You only get teased.

Well, it looks like Cassidy Cole is ready to step up to the plate. In this image we have all of her naked, pussy shot, tits, and her face. I don’t believe we’ve ever seen Cassidy Cole like this before!

Now it only makes me want to see Cassidy Cole naked even more… It looks like she has the perfect little peach for a pussy! And I just know you can eat a peach for hours!

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