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Cassidy Cole Has A Tight Ass Too

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While we are not talking about breasts and while we are talking about asses…. Perhaps we should talk about Cassidy Cole.

Now, Cassidy Cole doesn’t have the biggest rack. But that’s fine – it’s not all about the rack and how big her boobies are. I might like big breasts, but I would never say no to a chick like Cassidy Cole. It’s like sports cars  – I really REALLY like Ferraris, but I wouldn’t say no if my friend with his Lotus wants to take his car out for a ride… I’d take it for a drive all right. Cassidy Cole too.

Her smile is just beautiful. Cassidy Cole has plenty of enough boobs to keep me busy.

But that ass Cassidy Cole has is to die for. Of course a tight little ass looks like utter perfection in that thong….

Come on… who wouldn’t want to bang this ass every day over and over again until their dick falls off? There is a saying that “For every smoking hot chick there is someone who is tired of banging her”…. I disagree. I would be able to hit that over and over again every day for the rest of my life and it would never ever get old.

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