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It’s a new month, so let’s do something new. Meet Candice Brielle. My my my how I love fresh new meet. I don’t know much about her, but I am hoping that all changes in the very near future.

Life can be magical sometimes. If you are lucky in life, you get the chance to meet a chick that will just break your heart – or perhaps even worse. She’ll be the kind of chick that is beautiful, likes the same things you like, and never ever says no to sex. She’ll try anything at least once. And she’ll have a body that just won’t quit.

I imagine this woman would look just like Candice Brielle.

Close your eyes and try to picture you coming home from a hard day’s work only to find blonde haired Candice Brielle half naked wearing only stockings, a bra, high heels, and a pair of sun glasses waiting for you on her knees looking up at your cock like she was hungry and wanted to suck you off. Yes, Candice Brielle is the kind of chick that will break your heart and steal your soul. Just imagine trying to tame this beast. Most of you would have no idea how to handle a woman like this. She will eat you alive if you were lucky enough to get the chance!

I could fall in love with a woman like Candice Brielle.

Suddenly Candice Brielle has lost her top and is laying down and it’s blowing your mind. You have no idea what she wants. Maybe she wants it from behind but first you are going to have to wrestle off those stockings but hell, that sounds like half of the fun right there! Who wouldn’t want to spend the next hour of their life trying to wrestle off stockings off of a sexy hot blonde?

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