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Chicks In A Ponytail Are Always Hot

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I am not sure why but chicks wearing a ponytail are always, ALWAYS hot. I think a a chick who wears their hair up in a ponytail is just screaming “I want to have sex right now”. It’s always so hot.

And once they agree to have sex with you…. You can use that ponytail like a huge handle. You can guide her mouth around your cock and make her do whatever it is you want her to to. And if she ever misbehaves you can just yank on it and instantly you have all of her undivided attention.

Ponytails are hot, help during blowjobs, and also great attention getters.

The best part is Candice Brielle wears a ponytail perfectly!

The ponytail Candice Brielle is wearing is hot, but the rest of her is hot too….. Super hot! I might like boobs – and she’s got them out on display here – but she’s also got the legs going on too. Those are some sexy long legs…. In fact, now that I think about it, Candice Brielle is the perfect package – ponytail, tits, legs…. And a willingness to get naked! What more can a man ask for?

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