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Candice Brielle Ready To Be Mounted

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There are many things I like in life. Bikinis, breasts, and women in high heels comes to mind. But two of my favorite things must be doggie style and chicks with ponytails. Even more so if she is blonde.

First of all, chicks love fucking doggie style. Women love being treated like dogs and being forced to get down on their hands and knees like dogs. Then once you are banging her from behind your cock hits her just right in that position and it makes it so much better than it normally is. Candice Brielle knows this and Candice Brielle loves being fucked doggie style…

Which brings me to my second point – Why Candice Brielle has hair in a ponytail. Yum. Women like to be treated rough, and when a chick like Candice Brielle gets fucked doggie style she has her hair up in a ponytail because she wants you to pull on her hair and ride her….. You know what they say in the Marines, right? No pain, no gain. Pulling on her hair will only make Candice Brielle get off quicker and it will be much more powerful!

This is why Candice Brielle is down on her knees and elbows like this, like a slut would be… She wants to fuck as much as you do and she wants to fuck doggie style badly! She also wants you to pull on her hair while your banging that sweet little tight ass from behind!

Oh Candice Brielle likes to scream when she’s getting fucked!

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