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Blonde Candice Brielle With Ponytail

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Ever since I was a young boy I’ve always considered the the “beauty standard” as a blonde hair blue eyed chick with a ponytail. I am not sure why; Perhaps it was because this was what I saw every where back then. Now every time I turn around all I see is brunettes with brown eyes.

The ponytail is a huge turn on also. We don’t see this often enough with women – I see it most often with women running early in the morning.

This is Candice Brielle. Seems to me like she fits right in with what I think is beautiful – blonde hair, great rack, and a ponytail. She was wearing a sports bra – between the sports bra and the ponytail she must have been out running – and Candice Brielle is pulling that sports bra up over her head. In the end she is revealing that she has the utterly perfect rack!

It’s entirely possible Candice Brielle is sheer perfection. I think she ranks up there with Destiny Moody!

With titties like that and her ponytail… I want to get Candice Brielle down on her hands and knees doggie style (You know that all chicks like to be fucked doggie style!) and then while fucking her I would love to pull on that ponytail… I bet you Candice Brielle would love this too!

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