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Sexiest Pizza Girl Ever

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Two things I love the most in life – Breasts and pizza. This is my winning combination here.

I love pizza. Pizza is amazing and when you really get into it there are so many different kinds of pizza. I can eat pizza for every meal and never get tired of it. If you think about it, pizza and breasts sort of look the same… Same shape.

That’s why this shot of Bryci as the pizza delivery girl really REALLY turns me on. It’s like  my two favorite things in the world at the same time. It sort of reminds me of a site I used to run called Big Sausage Pizza. Basically the concept was a hot chick would order up a “big sausage pizza” and when the guy delivered the pizza he would open it up and his cock would be sticking up from the center of the pizza. Super hot. Much to my surprise I have not done that in real life.

I love the cleavage Bryci is showing off while she delivers the pizza… Oddly enough this pizza delivery girl isn’t wearing any shoes. That’s not strange at all.

Then Bryci pulls her titties. I do not believe Bryci ever pulled out her breasts in this photo shoot… And that’s just as well. Who needs pizza when you have breasts?

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