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Meet The Real Bryci

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Women lie. Just by stepping out of the house they’ve lied.  The put on high heels shows that make their boobs stick out, fix their hair, put on a push up bra, and then put some lipstick on… All of it is lies. But I want to know what the real woman looks like. I want to know what I’ll be waking up to first thing in the morning.

Bryci here is dressed down, not too much make up and of course she still looks totally hittable. She looks so clean, so pure here….

Of course, with those huge titties…. She can pretty much have anything she wants.

Just imagine waking up next to that in the morning…. I surely wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers!!!!

It’s all about the boobs and Bryci has them. And she knows it too. She uses this against us. So damn hot.

The best thing in the world that could happen to a man is having a chick with big boobs like Bryci riding on top of you with those big boobs flopping around in the wind! Let’s just hope she doesn’t pop an eye out with that thing!!!

With tits like that…. She can have any man she wants!

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