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Lesbians In Bikini Making Out

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Well now, this seemed like a good way to end the month….

I got my start in the adult industry by running a daily bikini site. That was a long time ago perhaps, but I’ve never lost my passion for chicks in bikinis. I will always love a hot looking woman in a bikini. But I’ve also always liked lesbians too. Well, all men like lesbians right? Right.

So why take the best of both worlds and combine them?

Seems Bryci is now a lesbian and has a lesbian girlfriend… She’s cute and blonde and perky and super hot. And Bryci and her damn girlfriend are wearing – you guessed it – bikinis. Nice.

Yes, this is a good way to end the month!


In fact, those are some damn small bikinis. And of course I love the bikinis with the little strings…. They come off so damn easy.

Then suddenly Bryci and her little cute perky blonde lesbian girlfriend go at it, licking each other, licking each other’s tongues…. Yeah, this is great way to close out October!


I love Bryci and I love her even more when she’s dressed in a bikini and making out with another hot chick! That is just so hot!

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